Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kabbalah: The Musical!

Ladies and Gents, katshkes un genz. You all being up-to-the-minute, red hot RSS feed reading demons, you've heard about the arrival of the French klezmofusion band Kabbalah.

What's that, you say? You thought Kabbalah referred to the mystical, esoteric tradition within Jewish thought and practice? I mean... yeah. That, too.

But here is KABBALAH.

Ignore what the DNAInfo article says. To my ears, Kabbalah sounds more like Balkan Beat Box than anything else. Which isn't a dismissal at all.

Seems you gotta catch Kabbalah this week or never.

Kabbalah, 2012 US Tour: Tour Schedule

06/10/2012, Sun
Santa Cruz, CA
Moe's Alley1535 Commercial Way
Tix: $10.00/$15.00Doors Open: 8:00 pmShow: 8:30 pm

  • Ph: 831.479.1854

  • 06/14/2012, Thu
    New York, NY
     Drom85 Avenue A (b/w 5th & 6th)
    Tix: $10.00Doors Open: 6:30 pmShow: 7:00 pm

  • Ph: 212.777.1157

  • 06/15/2012, Fri
    Brooklyn, NY
    XPO 929929 Broadway
    Tix: $8.00/$6.00 presaleDoors Open: 8:00 pm,Show: 9:00 pm

    06/16/2012, Sat
    New York, NY
    Mehanata Bulgarian Bar113 Ludlow Street
    Doors Open: 9:00 pmShow: 9:00 pm

  • Ph: 212.625.0981

  • 06/17/2012, Sun
    New York, NY
    The City Winery155 Varick Street
    Tix: $10.00Doors Open: 10:00 amShow: 11:00 am

    And, no, I'm not going to snark on the DNAInfo article, not today, because who cares?  Also: not only have they informed me of the approaching Kabbalah invasion, they've hipped me to something even more exciting, something that's awakened the slumbering groupie/fan girl inside me: Viking Shtreimel.


    They're ex-Lubab boys who never left Crown Heights and instead formed a death-metal Yiddish band. As I scrolled down I was absolutely convinced that the cutie playing bass, the one in the AC/DC t-shirt, was my ex-Lubab, ex-boyfriend. I mean, it could be, if he got rid of his beard (a crime!) and picked up the electric bass again. Which, why not? could be! Though... in my heart I know he's too much of a music snob to play death metal. On the other hand, he's definitely got the sizzle and rage (and sculpted biceps) to make one a success in such a genre. I dunno, maybe it is him?

    All of which is to say that I will definitely check out VIKING SHTREIMEL next time they visit my local purveyor of fine Yiddish death metal. What about you?


    1. Thanks for sharing the videos...enjoyed. Keep the Kabbalah post coming!

    2. The bassist is Getzy Edelman

    3. I know, I read the article. ;-) (It's funnier to imagine it's my ex-). Give Getzy my regards.