Saturday, June 22, 2013

'Hi' to All the Folks Googling 'OTD Blog'

Did you know that if you Google 'OTD blog' I'm in the top five results? I mean, you probably didn't, unless you're both OTD and a stalker. Which, you know, I guess, could happen?

Anyhoo, a young Hasidish man whom I may or may not know just did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. On Shabes. Just because he could. And it's kind of fascinating. Hardly any of the questions were about sex. Apparently the appeal of the Honda minivan is a lot more compelling to the average Redditor than the mysteries of nida or mikve based whatchamasexing. Which leads me to ask, can we get Samuel Heilman on this whole Hasidic minivan ish?

Also happening on Friday night (OTD synchronicity???) was this piece on Rock Center called 'In Isolation.'  Overall it was an interesting piece, but I found some of the reporting a bit sloppy. "This is a rare look inside the community of Hasidic Jews...." we're told, while showing us what appears to be (correct me if I'm wrong) a Chabad wedding at 770. The Chabad movement courts publicity and is the most outward looking Hasidic group. Would it have killed the reporters of 'Rock Center' to make a distinction between Chabad and Satmar? Also, when she said 'Hasidics'? Oy vey. It's not as bad as 'Hasidims' but still...

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The best part of the piece was that they devoted a significant chunk of time to four smart, good looking, clean cut Footsteppers, young people who have left the Hasidic world at great personal cost. It reminded me again what a great job Footsteps, and its director, Lani Santo, is doing. Which further reminds me: Have you donated to Footsteps lately?