Monday, August 27, 2012

Golus Festival August 31-September 2

Golus Festival

So, you've been to Yiddish Farm this summer to see all the amazing stuff going down, right?

The summer long Yiddish immersion classes? Building a working farm from the ground up, in Yiddish? Building community among young (and sexy) Yiddish speakers? Secular, observant and Hasidic Jews collaborating to create a unique Jewish svive?


Well, if you haven't gotten a chance to visit Yiddish Farm, Labor Day weekend is your perfect opportunity. The second annual Golus Festival comes to Goyshen, NY, a short bus ride from New York City.

What's a Golus Festival, you may ask? For one thing, it's your opportunity to set up a tent on the gorgeous fields of Yiddish Farm and sniff the sweet end of summer air.

What else?

Full weekend includes:

* Yiddish classes* Lectures* Davening* All shabbos meals* Saturday night campfire

Sunday activities:
* Tour the fields* Feed the goats* Pickle cucumbers from the fields* Churn butter* Picnic with friends and family, and meet new people* Live music

What else? How about the Pester Rebbe, Yoely Lebovits, for entertainment.

Beards, butter churning and badkhones. (Three of my personal favorite things.) What more could you want? What the heck are you waiting for! Pre-registration is a must. Go. Now!

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  1. Are there any unsexy beardless Yidishists?