Sunday, April 8, 2012

These are the cupcakes of our affliction

Something happens to me when I go shopping for food on peysakh. It's like I enter a dream where kosher for passover baby powder is a rational thing and I wonder if I'll eat anything for the next week. And then I go home and eat a whole bunch of chicken salad on matze crackers and stop worrying about it.

Lord knows you'll want a refund once you taste their cup "cakes"


For the pious family looking for a baby's butt kosher enough to eat from

Is it neros or neronim? Stop messing with my head?

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  1. Those are officially the most delicious matzo-style-squares I have ever eaten, BTW. I just melted some Miller's yogurt cheese onto one and thought about declaring publicly how good they are, when I saw your post. Also did you see my posts from Pomegranate? With the photo of Galile-Ease mild laxative tea? For that really tough Exodus ....