Saturday, May 12, 2012

Is Hipster Trolling the New Hipster Racism?

I can't decide if this asinine post over at Hipster Jew is worth an entry in my 'Memes of the Yiddish Atlantis' file. Is this supposed to be .... funny? Ironic? A parody of the kneejerk Yiddish haters? Yeesh.

From Yiddish is a dead language, let's move on:

I like Yiddish. I like saying putz and schmuck and shiksa. Sparkling your vocabulary with a few prime, semi-ironic Yiddish phrases is very important to keep up the appearance of being a culturally relevant Jewish person. But we have NYC, where a bagel with ‘lox and shmear’ isn’t an uncommon phrase. You know who still speaks Yiddish? Crazy Hassidim who live in bumblefuck parts of NYC, who fear technology, women, and anyone not closely related to them. Sorry Yiddish, but you’ve lost. It’s 2012. Let’s give you a round of applause and call it a day.

What a charming fellow. I wonder if he calls his grandparents every week just to say 'Ya dead yet?'


  1. I imagine that if this guy heard anyone else making this statement about any other language/culture, no matter how small the population of fluent speakers, he would practically have an aneurysm over what a stupid f*&%ing cultural-imperialist jingoist closed-minded dirtbag the person making the statement is.

    But my very favorite part, the real beauty part, the part that made me literally sit back at my computer and applaud, is this: "Yiddish is as dead as Latin or Greek." Newsflash, genius: Greek is alive and quite well! They speak it in a faraway exotic land which you've apparently never heard of, but it is called "Greece". This nation is actually in the news quite frequently nowadays.

    Unbelievable, and indicative of the level of careful reflection and consideration he put into the post.

  2. Heheheheh. Good point, Seth C. Which is why I did like the meme suggests and asked, Stupid or Just Trolling?

    Is it possible his hatred for Yiddish shorted out the rest of his neurons? It's hard to say.

    1. Likely the other way around!