Monday, December 10, 2012

Move Over Dschinghis Khan, Gangnam Style Has Arrived in Boro Park

It's not true that the Haredi community rejects secular culture. They just absorb it, turn it Yiddish and pretend like nothing ever happened.

The most famous example of this is probably the transmigration (or gilgul) of the 1979 Eurovision winning

Dschinghis Khan

Into Mordechai Ben David's  "hit" Yidn:

And now? Was there any doubt it would happen?

The Macarena of 2012, the video your great-grandmother has already probably forwarded to you, Psy's Gangnam Style

Has been turned into this, a Yiddish/English khasene song, first spotted at a Boro Park khasene in early December:

A khanike miracle.

Many thanks to my W'burg/BP informant for providing the video.

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