Saturday, August 17, 2013

Night of a Thousand Rubber Chickens

Exciting news for fans of Yiddish vaudeville, Shane Baker and rubber chickens. Baker and fellow vaudevillian Tanya Solomon have a new show premiering on August 28th called Night of a Thousand Rubber Chickens

Baker will tell of his rise from Missouri altar boy to latter-day king of Yiddish vaudeville through songs, tales and chicken hypnosis, as well as pulling rare materials from the vaults, including his Yiddish Yes, We Have No Bananas as well as Essen, the tale of the man who went to the Catskills and ordered everything on the menu.
Baker will be accompanied by Steve Sterner, the world's foremost remaining silent movie accompanist.
Solomon, New York's first lady of funny magic, plays with sharp knives, creamed corn, and your dearest beliefs.  Highly trained in the art of clowning and deadly serious about her comedy, Solomon is one of a handful of women magicians and she had to fight hard to break through the glass trap-door.  In New York she has made a name as one of the most popular hosts and entertainers for variety evenings, and audiences will delight in the new mysteries she'll present during this feature evening.

It's one night only at Coney Island USA, so I advise you buy tickets now.

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