Friday, August 16, 2013

These Are Not The Goldbergs You're Looking For...

Seen this morning on the subway: a car full of ads for the new Goldbergs show. To be fair, it's not another piece of so-called 'reality.' While the world may not need another sit-com, by now it's probably had more than its share of table flipping, wig snatching and dare-devil sperm guzzling. That kind of Reality is best left in the shadows and behind closed doors, don't you think? 

Anyway, The Goldbergs of 2013. My scorn is only at 98%, as according to Wikipedia, this new Goldbergs has cast George Segal (my 1971 boyfriend!) as "Gramps." Awww, George Segal is old!

ABC must be really desperate, hoping that some of that old 1949 magic will rub off on this li'l slice of drek. What would Gertrude Berg think?

(Gertrude Berg on the set of The Goldbergs [1949-1956])

Smart business woman she was, she'd probably insist on royalties of some kind for use of the Goldbergs name. 

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